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Tagetes Essential Oil 

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The health benefits of Tagetes Essential Oilcan be attributed to its properties as an antibiotic, antimicrobial, anti-parasitic, antiseptic, anti-spasmodic, disinfectant, insecticide, and sedative substance.

Tagetes is also known by a few other names, including Khaki Bush and Mexican Marie Gold. This herbis believed to be native to Africa. From there, it spread to America, Europe, and Australia. Its scientific name is Tagetes Minuta and it is highly valued as an insect repellant, anti-parasitic, and antiseptic in the locations listed above.

The Essential Oil of Tagetes is extracted from its leaves, stem, stalk, and flowers by the process of steam distillation. The main components of this oil are limonene, ocimene, tagetone, and valeric acid.

Despite having a nice fragrance, it is neither popular in aromatherapy nor as a deodorant. However, that does not affect its reputation as an anti-parasitic and antiseptic. In addition to these properties, it has other medicinal properties, which are explained below.

Health Benefits of Tagetes Essential Oil

Antiparasitic: This oil can help you get rid of the most annoying and harmful parasites on the human body, such as mosquitoes, fleas, lice, bed bugs, and others. It keeps them away and neutralizes the effects of bites and stings.

Antimicrobial: As discussed above, the essential oil of Tagetes is useful in stopping the growth of microbes in the body and thereby protecting it from infections. In cases of infectious diseases caused by bacteria, fungi, or protozoa, such as food poisoning, athlete’s foot, cholera, septic, tetanus, typhus, malaria, skin diseases, and dermatitus. This oil can be employed in wiping out these infections and giving relief from the diseases listed above.

Antiseptic: Again, as most of you are aware by now, septic is another name for an infection caused by a bacteria called Staphylococcus Aureus. It is very dangerous and can even be fatal. It may start from a simple-looking wound and engulf the whole body within a few hours. It readily affects newborn babies. Its symptoms include convulsions, extreme spasms, and muscular contractions, swelling with redness, immobility of the limbs, and even insanity. This oil is lethal to these bacteria and helps to get rid of septic.

Antibiotic: Biotic means anything that concerns life. Biotic growth means the growth of living cells or higher forms of life. In the context of the human body and pathology, biotic growth means growth of bacteria, fungi, protozoa, or any other form of parasites in the human body. So, obviously, an antibiotic means an agent that counters or inhibits biotic growth in the body. Our Tagetes Essential Oil is such an antibiotic. It does not allow any biotic growth (growth of bacteria, fungi, protozoa, or other parasites, such as worms) in the body. It has been found to be very beneficial on open sores, ulcers, rotten wounds and even gangrene. In some places, it is used to clear wounds and eliminate the growth of maggots in them.

Antispasmodic: Being relaxant in nature, this oil relaxes any type of spasm in the body and gives relief from spasmodic coughs, diarrhea, cramps, and convulsions.

Disinfectant: The antimicrobial, anti-parasitic, and antibiotic properties of the essential oil of Tagetes prove very effective in disinfecting the body or an area. When ingested or applied externally, it cures infections in the body and when used in fumigants, vapourizers, and sprays, it disinfects the whole space within its reach. This also protects from airborne diseases like the common cold, mumps, neasles pox, and others.

Insecticide: The Tagetes essential oil is lethal to insects and kills them. Therefore, it keeps away parasitic insects such as mosquitoes, fleas, bed bugs, and lice. Common household insects such as cockroaches, ants, white ants, or termites are also kept away.

Sedative: The sedative property of this oil is well known and has been in use for a long time. It sedates inflammation and irritation in the digestive, nervous, excretory, and neurotic systems, as well as convulsions, afflictions, anxiety depression, anger, panic, and other emotional and psychological hyper reactions.


Other Benefits: Apart from the uses discussed above, it is further used to ease phlegm and catarrh deposition, as well as congestion and als to treat wounds, burns,  Athlete’s foot, skin diseases, dermatitis, and colitis.

A Few Words of Caution: It may cause sensitization and irritation. Heavier doses or doses of higher concentration may be hard to withstand. It should therefore be avoided during pregnancy.

Blending: The essential oil of Tagetes blends well with the essential oils of clary sage, jasmine, lavender, lemon , myrrh, and tangerine.


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