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Secrets of Eden's

Hibiscus Tincture

One oz.

(Actual Unsolicited Feedback Received from Satisfied Customer)

"My Daughter's BP dropped from 160/110 to 110/68 in 4 weeks! GREAT STUFF,2nd order!" Buyer: May-04-08 09:02

One easy way to lower your blood pressure is to start drinking Hibiscus tea. This tasty colorful tea is popular in many countries as a remedy for high blood pressure. A recent study shows Hibiscus tea not only lowers your blood pressure, but it lowers it fast.

During the study, 54 patients with high blood pressure were given hibiscus tea to drink. All the patients were in their fifties and each had stopped taking their blood pressure medication one week prior to the study. Each patient had their blood pressure read one hour after drinking the Hibiscus tea.

The result: after just 12 days, the patients drinking hibiscus tea averaged an 11.7% drop in systolic pressure and a 10.7% drop in diastolic pressure!

For millions of people, this amount of reduction is enough to get them in the safety zone and completely eliminate the need for medication.

To make a tea - apply 15-30 (full dropper) drops into a hot cup of water.

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Hibiscus is used for a variety of ailments partly because there are so many species.

Hibiscus lowers fevers and high blood pressure, increases urination, relieves coughs, and has been found to have antibacterial properties. All parts of the plant are used, from the seeds to the roots. Common hibiscus is used mainly for respiratory problems, but is also widely used for skin disorders or to treat fevers. Rose of Sharon is used externally as an emollient, but is also taken internally for gastrointestinal disorders.


As a natural febrifuge, Hibiscus contains citric acid which is a natural coolant. In Pakistan and Nepal, it is the flowers that are used as a treatment for fever. Common Hibiscus has been found to be particularly useful for children's fevers.

Respiratory disorders

Common Hibiscus is used to treat coughs by placing extracts from the plant in the patient's bath or in water used for steam inhalations ( which transfers directly to the blood strem). Hibiscus is often combined with other herbs to make a cough syrup. Hibiscus is used widely in Cuba, where the tropical climate contributes to respiratory illnesses, and where hibiscus is readily found.

Hypertensive conditions

Hibiscus and rose of Sharon contain hypotensive compounds that lower the blood pressure. It's ability to lower blood pressure may be due to its diuretic and laxative effects. The plant contains ascorbic and glycolic acid, which increase urination.

Skin conditions

Hibiscus is a natural emollient, used for softening or healing the skin. The leaves and flowers of the roselle are used all around the world for their emollient qualities. When the leaves are heated, they can be placed on cracked feet or on boils and ulcers to promote healing. Since the herb is a cooling herb, when applied externally it cools the surface of the skin by increasing blood flow to the epidermis and dilating the pores of the skin. A lotion made from a decoction of hibiscus leaves can be used to soothe hemorrhoids, sunburn, open sores, and wounds.

Just got a letter from my friend Dr. David Williams

Dear Rick,

You've heard me talk a lot about green and white teas. But there's another tea few Americans know about, despite its reputation around the world. It's called hibiscus tea—and I suspect once word gets out, it will be front-page news.  (ed. note:  not if Big Pharma has anything to do with "word getting out"  LOL )

Hibiscus tea contains powerful antioxidants, including anthocyanins, which help protect your cells from free-radical damage.

But what really caught my attention was its long history of traditional use for promoting cardiovascular health. And now new preliminary evidence is suggesting it can help promote healthy blood pressure as well. For these reasons alone I've added hibiscus to my health regimen, and encourage you to do the same.

For centuries, other cultures have been taking advantage of its healing benefits

Unlike green and white teas, which come from a tea plant called the Camellia sinensis, Hibiscus tea isn't actually a tea at all—it's an herbal infusion. It's made from the bright red hibiscus flowers (Hibiscus sabdariffa) that have been growing in the rich silt of the Nile Valley for centuries.

The Pharaohs of the ancient Nile Valley realized if they took Hibiscus flowers, dried them in the sun, brewed them in boiling water, and let them cool—they could create a refreshing beverage that sustained them in the hot desert heat.

Since that time, people in various cultures have been drinking it for its health benefits, including China, Mexico, and Europe. Even today, in Sudan and Egypt, special occasions like weddings are toasted with hibiscus tea.

Dr. Williams

This REALLY WORKS ! Last years BP 164/85,after 8 weeks w/Hibiscus 131/64! WOW ! Repeat Customer Sep-02-08 09:18

Blood Pressure Reducing Tea - Lowering your blood pressure doesn't have to be hard. It doesn't have to mean a lifetime of punishing diets or nasty prescription drugs, with all their side effects.  


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  • 5
    Hibiscus Tincture

    Posted by Dr. Lonnie Robinson on 26th Feb 2023

    Very good tincture...I enjoy using this

  • 5
    Excellent replacement for high blood pressure pills!

    Posted by Anita Rodgers on 17th Feb 2020

    I love this tincture, I no longer take any medication for high blood pressure. I put 10 drops in morning coffee, 10 drops in tea at lunch and 20 drops before I go to bed at night. I also bought inexpensive smart watch and I monitor pressure all the time. This product hasn't disappointed me at all . Also with last order they sent me a free sample of replenish cream, I love it too . Very satisfied customer here .

  • 5
    Excellent replacement for high blood pressure pills!

    Posted by Anita Rodgers on 3rd Jan 2020

    My doctor has had me on lisnopril for 12 years , and everytime I tried to get off them my pressure would spike. My daughter told me about this tincture and I am on my second bottle, I have been completely off lisnopril for 2 months. A dose of 15 drops 3 times a day has certainly done amazing things for me.

  • 5
    high blood pressure

    Posted by Unknown on 10th Jan 2019

    i put a dropper full in a cup of hot with organic honey to bring my blood pressure to normal levels..adding some lemon juice honey for variety also

  • 5
    love this hot drink ..

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Jan 2019

    love this product especially with organic honey and sometimes add lemon juice..helping lower blood pressure

  • 5
    Hibiscus actually reduced my husband blood pressure

    Posted by Peggy on 28th Aug 2017

    My husband was taking 4 different medicines for his blood pressure and the only thing I noticed was that his blood pressure increasing. It was as if the 4 different prescriptions were doing nothing but making his blood pressure go up and up. It was when he had to go on a trip for his job and he forgot to take all but one of his medication with him. It just so happened that I put the hibiscus in his toiletry bag. When he called me, I told him to take the one medication and use the hibiscus that was in his bag. After a day or two, he was surprised that his blood pressure was lower than it has been in weeks. By day 4, he sent me a text showing me that it was his blood pressure was 123 over 69. The prior to Hibiscus, his blood pressure got as high as 212 over 101.

  • 4
    I think it works

    Posted by Mary Aslin on 12th Aug 2016

    My blood pressure was measuring in the range of 165/90 -- way too high. My doctor prescribed Bystolic, 20mg once daily. Even taking that medication my BP was still high, around 148/85. -- I ordered Hibiscus Tincture to hopefully lower my blood pressure. I took it for 3 weeks, went to my doctor who measured my blood pressure, and my BP was well within normal range, 124/78. I cannot say for sure that the Hibiscus Tincture made the difference, but I plan to continue taking the Hibiscus Tincture, just to make sure. I am thrilled to have normal BP, after many years of treating high blood pressure.