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Helichrysum Tincture

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As an anticoagulant, helichrysum essential oil can be a blessing for those who run the risk of  heart attacks due to the thickening of blood because of a high cholesterol content. It can immediately provide relief in such cases by liquefying or thinning the blood. Accordingly, extensive research is going on in an attempt to derive anticoagulants from natural substances, since heart diseases and a plethora of cardic events are growing at an alarming rate. These natural substances like Helicrysum are readily available to you via tinctures from Secrets of Eden.

The essential oil of helichrysum helps clear the accumulation of blood or what is commonly referred to as clotting.  Helicrysum  can be very helpful in clearing blood clots out of the brain after a brain stroke. These clots often interfere with the normal functioning of the brain. It also helps dissolve or melt away such clots by stimulating the action of enzymes necessary for that function..

For Europeans,  Helichrysum ranks as one of the most ancient and valuable healing substances. Helichrysum is said to be more anti-inflammatory than German Chamomile, have more tissue regenerating than Lavender and more cicatrisant (helping the formation of scar tissue) than Frankincense.

Being an antitussive, helichrysum oil gives relief from coughs that are stimulated by phlegm in the respiratory tracts or by itchiness in the throat caused by infections. 

Helichrysum oil has cholagogic properties, which means that it promotes the discharge of bile into the stomach and helps neutralize acids, thereby promoting digestion,  and reducing symptoms of acidosis.

Helichrysum  has diuretic properties, thus promoting and facilitating urination, both in frequency and in quantity, thereby helping the removal of toxic substances from the blood through urine. Urination also helps in lowering blood pressure, losing weight by eliminating fat, and improving digestion.

Fungal infections are some of the most dangerous types of infections. Helicrysum acts to prohibit and inhibit fungal infections very effectively.

Other Benefits This powerful plant also detoxifies the liver, relieves congestion, neutralizes effects of nicotine and caffeine, and helps with herpes, cystitis, arthritis, sinusitis, colitis, neuralgia, and varicose veins. It has an uplifting effect on the mental function and improves meridian flow.

The oil of Helichrysum ($500+ per ounce) has been found by European researchers to generate tissue, reduce tissue pain, helps improve skin conditions, circulatory function, prevents phlebitis, helps regulate cholesterol, stimulates liver cell function, reduces scarring and discoloration. It is anticoagulant, anticatarrhal, mucolytic, expectorant, and antispasmodic. It has been known to help in improving certain types of hearing loss.

Secrets of Eden's Power Tinctures readily absorb sublinqually ( when held under the tongue ) and enter the blood stream rapidly.  Most tinctures also make nice teas when a dropper full or two is added to a cup of hot water.


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