Refreshing mineral spray and NoBo Deodorant spritz organic (Combo Pack)

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 Secrets of Eden's

Refresh and Nobo

Money Saving Combo Pak

How to use Refresh



It is impossible to overuse Refresh. Since most skin is deficient in minerals apply as liberally as you would like.Apply spray directly to face.


Very effective for use in travel, especially in airplanes. Some real miracles of healing have been obtained by sufferers of dermatitus with red dry cracked and bleeding skin conditions. Results in 15 minutes!

Refresh is a unique blend of vital minerals, suspended in pure, super-oxygenated, scalar phased, frequency enhanced distilled water with MSM, Lemon and Honey and Double-distilled Witch Hazel. Refresh mainlines life essential minerals, oxygen and enzymes into your tissue and blood stream directly through your skin.

Here's just a couple of the common deficiencies

addressed by the ingredients in Refresh:


Calcium- acne, arthritis, cavities, cataracts, carpal tunnel syndrome and cramps.  Magnesium – wrinkles, muscle tremors, muscle ticks, headaches, vertigo, depression, and asthma.

Potassium – bad circulation, bluish tint to the skin, water retention and intestinal pain.  Zinc – body odor, loss of libido, hair loss, pms, and depression.



 How to use NoBo


It’ all in the name, no body odor.


 This fine mist spray glazes the skin with a barrier of mineral salt.These mineral salts naturally neutralize bacteria before it can cause odors.This is the perfect deodorant for those with sensitive skin and those seeking for a safe healthy solution to the deodorants at the store.



Unsolicited Nobo Testimonial

Dear Pastor,

I want you know that this product really work's!!!

The first time I use NOBO , there is no smell at all totally natural, it doesn't dry out your skin and doesn't leave any marking on your shirt not like other major brands. what really amazed me with this product even i do my 50 mile cycling bike i now for sure i'll be sweat specially my armpits will sweat and will have bad smell but hey not with my NOBO no smell at all !!! i'm really glad that i discover and try your product. now I'm using your product  for over 3 months now since my first bottle and is worth in every spray. i totally recommend this product from my family that use deorant too and to my friends. thanks Pastor Strawcutter!!!
Cris from Sunnyvale/CA

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