Miracle Patches that heal.

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Latest Breaking Research 

Miraculous Effects from wearing Organic

3.5 mg Nicotine Patches.

Eliminate or significantly reduce the symptoms of:

Tinnitus,  Alzheimers, Parkinsons, long Covid, and many many more seemingly incurable ailments.   Enhance mental clarity.  Improve eyesight and more. 

Loss of taste and smell due to Covid often totally recovered within 5 days of using the patches.  Pre-dementia patient reports that eyesight and clearer thinking was massively improved within 1 hr of application of the 3.5 mg patch. 

Why does the Nicotine work when nothing else does?

Nicotine acts as an agonist to the Nicotinic receptor sites already on every cell of your body and brain.   An agonist is an action that "Turns on" and activates a cellular response.  Covid and other pathogenic mishaps act to "Turn off" the response.  That's why these nicotine patches work so fast.  It's as simple as turning on the switches.


Big Pharma does not want you to know

that virtually all of these disorders can be improved or even reversed, but Vanderbilthealth.com validates the hidden research,  as has Harvard University proven since 2015 and before that Nicotine is NOT addictive.  Furthermore in the article Behavioral Pharmacoholgy of the Colonergic System, published on Springerlink.com the agonistic effect of Nicotene ( as well as the much suppressed Ivermectin) definitely "... inprove congnitive function)  

Secrets of Eden has sourced the highest and only proven effective grade of

Organic Nicotine Patches

(other than adhesive - no other chemicals)

Available today for limited time.



We are so sure you will see rapid results we will instantly refund your purchase - no questions asked if you are not completely satisfied.

Try one package of 15 today.   Apply one patch per day for two weeks and prepare to be amazed!



(This offer subject to be withdrawn without notice.)

Discover why the government and Big Pharma is so intent on ridding the country of Nicotine.  Clue

It's not because it is unhealthy.   I know, cigarettes cause cancer right?  NO - it's the addictive  chemicals added by the Evil cigarrete industry That Causes Cancer.

The suppressed truth is

Organic Nicotine is a miracle healing agent.

Try some and see.

DeLebre  1535  said,  "The opposite of what is commonly believed is often the truth"

Resist the mind-control and try some Secrets of Eden Super Powered Organic Nicotine Patches Today.


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review