Breathe Free Essential Oil Butter Rub 2 oz

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Secrets of Eden's

Breathe Free

2 oz. Handy Purse Size

Breathe Free is an herbal and essential oil blend that is an potent and effective anti-viral and anti-bacterial agent.


Applying Breath Free to the chest, back, feet, and deep breathing will transmit its powerful healing energy into your body. A penetrating ointment results are often realized within 2 to 3 minutes. ingredients include Menthol, Wintergreen, Eucalyptus, Oil of Pine Needles, Turmeric, Oil of Camphor, Ravensare, Lemon Oil.


If you are suffering from Bronchitis, Tuberculosis, Pneumonia, Sinus issues, or Asthma then don't wait to give Breath Free a try.

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Anti Viral Bacterial Sinus Relief $14.95


(No reviews yet) Write a Review