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Hey Rick, 

I tried the H G  Forever I ordered from you a little over a week ago, and it really worked. Bleeding stopped completely in two days, and swelling and pain were gone in about eight days. It worked when Preparation H and prescription Anusol would not even faze the problem. Actually they made my problem worse and increased the bleeding, for I was losing about 1/4 pint of blood in a 24 hour period, so it was getting very serious. I was facing surgery as the only open left, but I'm really glad I gave your product a try, for it has completely healed the hemorrhoids, which were a result of heart surgery and the pain medications they had me on. I was wondering if perhaps you had anything that works well on arthritis in the knees? My wife had to have minor surgery on her right knee due to a car accident in 2009, and now they are telling her she has arthritis in that knee, which is bothersome to her. I owe you dinner so let me know if you have some free time and I'll treat you to lunch or dinner. Anyway hope all is well with you and your family.
Ray Thacker
Milan, Michigan

Here's what people everywhere are saying:

"I had a large external hemorrhoid for years. In less than 24 hrs. it was gone!"

John C. Michigan



"I was experiencing so much pain from internal and external hemorrhoids I could not sit down. Faced with surgery I tried H.G. formula and in one day my hemorrhoids were gone. Completely!"

Jeannette D. Michigan

"I was embarrassed to admit that I had a problem with Hemorrhoids. Not even my minister husband knew. I will spare you the details but will tell you this. In 24 hours, I experienced a miracle! Thank you for this incredible product."

Sherri H. Georgia

"When I first heard about this formula and the miraculous claims, I found it too much to believe. But, facing surgery on my hemorrhoids the next week, I thought why not, what do I have to lose. I took a warm bath, applied the H.G. Formula and in 24 hours the hemorrhoids were gone.

Praise be to God!"

Rev. Edwards. Arkansas

Here's a Feedback  received from a happy eBay buyer.

"This man has the best product going I have ever seen. Fast Shipping! Perfect." Buyer: rsoucie ( 49) Mar-22-08 20:55 Hemorrhoids Gone Cure from Pain Swelling Itching 

24 TO 48 HRS.

I know what you are thinking. "Yea right. Hemorrhoids gone in one day. I don't believe it."

I didn't believe it either until the reports started coming in. This H.G. Formula is truly the most unique and miraculous product of its kind on earth.


You simply take a warm relaxing bath in The Secrets of Eden Dead Sea Salts or epsom salts, bathe the area to be treated.

Apply the ointment topically.

Go to bed, rest on your back with your legs propped up with a pillow if possible and expect results as soon as in the morning.

There's nothing else like it anywhere on earth.

I cannot over-emphasize how important it is to do this treatment AT NIGHT. This formula will NOT WORK DURING THE DAY.

The offending tissue must be in a relaxed state. Use during the day will eliminate pain, but will not eliminate hemorrhoids like at night during rest time.

Other formulas offer results in days or weeks and usually can't deliver. H.G. Formula delivers.

Here's how H.G. Formula works.

H. G. Formula combines organic essential oils with nitrogen rich alkaloids which deliver a two fold attack, = oxygen suffocation with anti-inflamatory action. Its a simple approach. But, hemorrhoids simply cannot survive this environment.

2 oz. jar

only $32.95 


How can you go wrong?


Dear Pastor Straw,

I purchased your Hemorrhoid cream about 2 weeks ago and decided to use it last night. I want to thank you for this product, never before have I used something that worked, it was a miracle! My hemorrhoids went away completely the next day!

I have suffered with this problem for years and was soon going to be getting surgery. I can't believe this worked! I am so grateful to you! You don't know how much pain I was in and like that it was gone after using your product!

I will tell everyone about this product and about you and your wonderful store! You are truly and gratefully thanked. I can't begin to thank you enough!

Best, Leeann



Dear Pastorstraw:

Excellent! It really works! Thanks for the extra free sample! Will shop again! Buyer: poopsik01 ( 1 ) Jul-20-08 04:44

This seller has absolutely some of the best products I have ever used. AAAAA+++ Buyer: Jul



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  • 5
    Hemmorhoids gone forever

    Posted by Doug Pease on 16th Jun 2023

    I've had problems with hemorrhoids for over 20 years. I changed my diet and they improved but never quite went away. I don't believe in just cutting something out, or any prescription pharma drugs, but instead going to the root of the problem. This is the only product that has worked for me! Personally I'd rather support a local natural cure business, than pay off an AMA doctors Mercedes Benz and still not be cured!

  • 5
    H. G. hemorrhoid Cream

    Posted by Rita on 3rd May 2023

    This is the best thing on the market. Over night relief. Better than anything a doctor could recommend.

  • 5

    Posted by AS on 9th Nov 2022

    This has worked great for my mom

  • 4
    Loved it

    Posted by Sarah on 22nd May 2022

    Worked quickly

  • 5

    Posted by Mary Lanahanwright on 18th Jan 2022

    excellent product

  • 5
    Great Stuff

    Posted by Ronnie on 26th Oct 2021

    I have used it for year or more. I just ordered 2 more jars. Great stuff,

  • 2

    Posted by Markeee Bailey on 25th Aug 2021

    No relief as of yet

  • 5

    Posted by Terri D. on 19th Jul 2021

    AMAzING product. Works 1000 times better than preparation H , when u need to flush gut for c- scan , hemorrhoids, irritation from medicines- this is a life saver. Instructions do not say use in AM- Use a lil piece of TP to prevent undie stains.( A special gift ) A pea size amount corrects most problems. A staple for the bathroom. ❤️

  • 5
    swollen was gone

    Posted by Cleotilde Tiomico on 31st Mar 2021

    I went and visited my mom who, is bed bound while the aide was cleaning her behind I saw her hemorrhoid so swollen, looked like popcorn I immediately went home took the one I bought for my patient since I am also a care giver and applied it to her behind and her aide told me that after few days the swollen was gone and is back to normal. Thank you for creating this product