Instant Pain Relief Butter 2 oz For a limited time only $24.95

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Instant Pain Relief

2 oz Butter

$36.95 For a limited time only $24.95

                      Excellent for joints and nagging back and neck pain.

Essential oils of Frankincense, Wood Oils, and Blue Tansy together with eloptic energy enhancement  bring to you a product that is nearly miraculous.

 I know, you're probably saying nothing works this good all the time for everyone and you would be right. Instant Pain Relief works for most people but not everyone is bio/chemically set up or predisposed to get "instant" relief.

 Here's the statistical facts: Apporximately 30% of users get dramatic results and are pain free within one minute.  Another 30% are better within an hour.  Of the remaining numbers, 15 to 20% are somewhat better overall but not completely delivered and 15 to 20% get no result at all. What else can I say.

                                      What do you have to lose?  

                                               Except your pain?

Although these videos are in reference

to the 15 ml oil blend.  It is the very

same blend in a convenient butter base.


Instant Pain Relief
Works for 1000's   $36.95 

Only takes a few drops.

Compare to YL Valor - Same formula - at half the cost!

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review