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Introducing the first of Secrets of Eden's line of Organic Essential Oil Candles.  Yes, 4 X Candle embodies the very famous and popular Antiviral formula you have come to rely on for you and your families immune protection.

 Secrets of Eden candles are created with ingredients of the highest purity and medicinal effectiveness.

100% organic soy, pure essential oils, and all natural wood wicks. Commonly available cheap modern candles are often made with toxic wax, fragrance oils ( that have no medicinal effect ) and cotton wicks, which lead to harmful emissions and soot. At Secrets of Eden we are passionate about creating the safest products for your health, home and family.  Secrets of Eden believes our candles are the BEST OPTION for those that love the ambiance and smell of a candle without concerns of toxicity. Four X is our popular immune support essential oil blend, and now you can receive the benefit of their healing properties with the flick of a flame, filling your environment with health and healing protection. 

We offer 4 X and a soon to be introduced line-up of other new healthy candles in both a 2oz and 4oz size. Candles should be trimmed after usage to keep the them fresh and ensure the longest life of the candles. The estimated time life of the 2oz is 12/16 hrs and the 4oz is 20/24 hrs.

Try an immune enhancing 4 X candle today!

You will be glad you did.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review